Welcome to NightSky.TV. Here, you can follow the development of NightSkyTM4 – the successor to the on-line virtual planetarium NightSky3 – during its development over the next 10 months.

Eclipses, Occultations and Transits

Whether you are excited by eclipses, have a taste for transits, or you're oriented towards occultations, we will be able to offer them all.

23rd October, 2016

Saturn's Rings

In NightSky4, you are no longer stuck on planet Earth. Travelling through the solar system is a new feature, letting you fly over the rings of saturn.

17th October, 2016

Lunar Shadows

With improved textures and digital elevation modelling, the Moon looks more realistic than ever.

17th October, 2016

Millions of Stars

As with NightSky3, you will be able to view 2.5 million stars from our stellar database. However, our new architecture means that you will not be limited to viewing a few hundred at a time.

17th October, 2016

Next Time...

Day Time. NightSky4 isn't all about the night sky. In the distant future you'll see clouds and rainbows. But in the "vanilla" version, you'll get blue skies in the middle of the day and sunset and sunrise effects at dusk and dawn.

23rd October, 2016
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